Monterey Bargain Hunting - Monterey Auctions


Generally, one’s chances of snagging a bargain at the Pebble Beach auctions during Monterey Car Week are up there with finding a payday loan storefront on Rodeo Drive. With a cooling market though, this year might be a bit different. Here are a few cars that may sell reasonably this weekend:

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If memory serves I believe these early Healyes were aluminum. In 1964 a friend in high school had one and it was aluminum


While stationed in Japan in 1967-68 a sergeant had a 66 or 67 Corvair 4 door hardtop. It was not turbo’d. It had a power glide with the shifter on the dash board. It drove very well and was extremely quiet. It sure turned heads in Japan when he let me borrow it on numerous occasions.


The BMW “Z” models (except the Z8) have never been of interest to me. I know they handle well ad all that. I can’t get past how it looks like a shoe driving down the boulevard. At over $27K that’s some expensive foot gear.