More flat-six (and V-8) reasons to visit Porsches in the Petersen Vault


When The Porsche Effect exhibit opened at the Petersen Automotive Museum, we teased some of the Porsches in the Petersen’s care that stayed in the Vault. Since the February opening of that exhibit, the cars on display in the Vault have changed, as cars continue to rotate in and out of the exhibit.

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The 914 didn’t finish 4th in class. It finished 4th over-all. And, the BP 911 is not a 356. It is the car that set many endurance records at Monza.


@mcs1000 - Good catch. We are updating the photo now.

Regarding the 914/6 finishing fourth overall at Le Mans, we are having troubling confirming. I found that a 914 finished 6th overall in 1970, but what year did the 914 finish 4th?


I realized my error and returned with the intent of correcting it when I saw your post. You are correct. The 914 finished 6th over all, not 4th. 1970 was a big year at LeMans for Porsche.


@mcs1000 - No problem! 1970 certainly was a big year for Porsche at Le Mans and the 914’s accomplishments tend to get overshadowed when talking about it.