More fun than fast: Jennilee's 1973 Mini Cooper | Why I Drive - Ep. 4


It’s a 1973 Mini Cooper, but the taillights are from a later fifth-generation car, as is the 1275 CC engine—meaning either component could have been sourced from a car built anytime between 1975 and 1999. The seats, the badging, the powder-coated 12-inch wheels, and the flares are sure to make purists howl, too.

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This is a great story, fun, and shares the love of just motoring in a classic. Soon, my 63 mini will be on the road.


hi…I have a mechanic who has for sale a yellow mini with the english flag on top…if you’re interested I could give you a number to call…in perfect condition… just like a barn find.


I have a '66 cooper S and it’s my Escape. Your car looks great, enjoy it and Drive!!!


I can relate, Jennilee, I’ve got a '69 Cooper MKII, and they certainly are a blast! Your car looks beautiful, just drive, drive, drive!!!


I have 3 Mini’s and have owned 7 or 8 others including a 1969 stretch Limo.
Thay are a blast to drive! I’m 6’3” and I fit great. Always looking to buy another one at a good price:)


Hey felgyn1 where is this Mini located? Does it run?


Great story! And the fact that she lets her kids dream about the car is just a topper!

Star 'em young, and teach 'em right!


I know how Jennilee feels. I bought my 67 Morris Mini Cooper right after graduating from High School in 1971! Figure the math! After all these years and about 50,000 miles clocked since I have owned it, I always have a big smile on my face when I get out of the Mini everytime I take it for a drive!


Jennilee, my story is more like “Really Fast and Really Fun”, please see: https://www.dropbox.com/s/cu3topkevba26i7/Mini%20Moke%202%20copy.jpg?dl=0

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My 1972 Morris Mini 1000 was always a blast to drive. Being a mostly stock 998 cc it had 39 horsepower coming out of the factory. Although it was not anything close to a fast car it would corner as if it were a go cart, find the right gear plant your right foot to the floor and blast away. Nothing corners like a Mini. It was always a conversation piece. Coming out of New Zealand it had right hand drive, it took little to adjust to siting in the passenger’s seat and driving.


Looks like a mid 1990s Mini and therefore likely an illegal US import car which has been registered using the VIN and title of a 1973 car.

Better watch out, the feds have been crushing those… typically a late model Mini is stolen in UK or Japan, then re-VINd with the ID of a scrapped US titled car, and sold on as a 60/70s model.


hi .i am leaving town…its located in maryland at prestige motors who do m repairs…its perfect and has no problems…1=301 942 0383…Hasi is the owner…tellhim fred sent you…ok.


The Mini is cool, much cooler with newer tech such as new driveline but the pre-distressed clothing is a bit disturbing.


@sii.500mondial - Now that is an impressive little Moke! Was it mainly an autocross car?


Kyle, autocrosses and Pennsylvania Hillclimbs. Truly incredible to drive. With used Penske CanAm qualifying tires it cornered unlike anything I have ever driven. Had hot cam, two dual downdraft Webers, ported & polished head with 1275S motor.


Please send contact phone number. I have interest.


it is a yellow mini with a flag on top thoroughly in great running condition and looks new…its at Prestige Motors in kensington md…Hasi is the owner. tel no…3029420383