Moving my classic


Trying to decide to whether or not to take my 79 Porsche 924 with me when I move across country or sell it. Any thoughts on good transport companies?


@black.tony - Reliable Transport or Passport Transport are both top notch organizations. While I have not personally shipped a vehicle with either of these carriers, I have interacted with drivers from each and had friends move vehicles with them. Never had a bad thing say.

Transport is one thing where you get what you pay for, be very wary of budget transport options if the price scares you away from those two recommendations.


If it were a 6 figure car I wouldn’t suggest this, but how are YOU moving…have you considered moving it yourself? Do you have you own truck? Are you driving a rental? U-Haul has decent unenclosed car trailers available to rent if you have your own truck. Ryder and some of the others have decent unenclosed trailers for one-way rentals too, but only if your using one of their trucks as well.


Thanks. I have a truck but the idea of hauling my near pristine sportscar through the desert on an open trailer gives me the shivers. Starting to look like I’ll just have to bite the bullet. Input much appreciated.