Muscle Cars for Tall People


Are you tall? I mean really tall? Do you have to carefully consider what the cars you buy to be sure you have enough leg and head room? If you are 6-foot-5 (like me) or taller, it’s safe to assume that you do. Just like modern cars, muscle cars can be uncomfortable to drive for long periods due to a lack of leg or head room. If Camaros and Mustangs feel a bit cramped, here are few classic and modern performance cars that will satisfy your need for speed without being too uncomfortable to drive.

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The are different types of tall. I have very long legs, so legroom is most important to me. I always move the drivers seat all the way back. I know it’s important for safety to still have knees slightly bent, but some seats won’t move back far enough for me to even drive at all. Most modern cars have adjustable steering columns, but many classics so not.


I’m 6’-6’’ and I have a 71 Camaro and I fit in it just fine even without a tilt wheel. Yes I have to slide the seat all the way back, so no one over 3 in the back seat, and yes I had to use a smaller steering wheel but other than that I fit just fine. In fact my Camaro has more front seat room than the 69 Malibu that I used to own. I have also owned 2 69 Camaros, a 72 Camaro, a 72 Nova and a 63 Nova and fit in all them just fine and none of them had tilt wheels, I only had to put a smaller steering wheels in those as well. Just because you are tall doesn’t mean you have to buy a big boat