Mustang 00002 - Mecum Auctions


The unassuming Caspian Blue Ford Mustang sat among the sale’s headline cars. Equipped with a 170-cid straight-six, 3-speed gearbox, and little 13-inch wheels, the '65 notchback seemed uncomfortable among the Corvettes, Hemis, and Shelbys surrounding it. Certainly pretty, but unspectacular in every way. Except one.

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Though important as the car is, number 2 of millions, over priced and quite greedy frankly for a “lowly” basic vehicle. Of course it deserves a place in automotive history, what a great little vehicle, but lets come back down to earth and be realistic. Yes, it should sell for a premium, but not in the range of a perfect 65 Shelby gt350.
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