Mustangs Forever


After 5 modest, slightly modified old cars, I spent a lot of time in my final year of university pouring over all material car related to decide what 1st new car I would buy. Based on price, and family connections I was able to buy a new 1967 Mustang convertible! With no money, but a 59 Chevy Impala convertible to sell, a deal was made.
Four years, a marriage, and a baby later I decided we needed a reliable, fuel efficient car. I bought a brand new Chevy Vega! My cousin, the dealer said he would give me a great deal on any other GM product if I would forget the Vega. Not me, I was love struck. Six months later the Vega was gone!
Fast forward 17 years and 3 more older convertibles, some fast some just second cars, my wife inherited a 4x4. After a year, I was convinced we didn’t need the Cherokee. I had a flash back to my childhood. My best friend’s father had purchased a Model A cabriolet in 1931, and still owned that car in the early fifties. He had a rural mail route and my friend and I delivered the mail from the rumble seat to the rural mailboxes. I loved that Model A !After many good and not so good cars, I thought, I should get a new car and keep it forever, like my friend’s father did with the Model A.
My wife of now 50 years, gave up the Cherokee, and we ordered, in her name, a 1988 Mustang GT convertible. This is the 30th anniversary of that decision and the GT, 99% original, resides in our garage. Its been driven, 140km, runs well, needs some work, but in general has been a great car. If all goes well it will pass on to our son. As a mechanically minded accountant, but not a mechanic, and after caring for a number of nice but older, and not original owner, cars, I have never regretted buying new and holding for a lifetime , a great little mustang.
Thanks to my bride of 50 years for sacrificing her 4x4, and a long since passed friend and his father for the idea! Thanks to You folks for a great publication, and your service to our passion!
Thanks so much,
Gail and Fred Bradley
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Great story Fred and nice ride by the way I had the pleasure of owning the same year back in 88 and had it for two and a half years, great ride fast little car in stock form,it had Goodyear Gator backs on it from the factory which were butt useless as far as traction was concerned,was not a rag top it was a fastback blk/silver combo paint i have added to a list of things in my life i should have not parted with just added to the hoarding LOL i can still in my mind hear the wine of that easy revving small block eager to get you on the wrong side of the law,koodo,s to you for keeping it in pristine shape and passing the ride along.Regards Rob


Thanks Rob, can’t beat em for value and fun!