My 29 Franklin 130 sedan


I found this on craigslist about 5 years ago. This was definitely a basket case. I bought it to flip it but as i did an inventory of all the parts I realized it was all there but an exhaust valve. Tracked the valve down by numerical size from a manufacturer who does not sell to the public BUMMER ! Just for fun I put the part number in on Ebay and it came up for sale buy it now $8.45 free shipping. I had to modify the valve stem retainer and it worked perfect. As you can see it is a semi Rat Rod of sorts. I lowered it 3 inches added hub caps to the wood spoked wheels built a dual cab manifold with rochester 1 barrel carbs and ZOOOMIES for exhaust. The upholstery is a vintage seat cover set from a model a sedan the roof cover is a WWII 2 man army tent. I drive it whenever I can cruises well at 45 mph Not sure how to add pictures ?