My barn find 1970 Camaro


Ive often wondered how real this ‘Barn Finds’ were until last week. I found a complete one owner 1970 Chevrolet Rally Sport Camaro. It has 47k miles on it , 4 speed , 12 bolt and deluxe interior ! Very solid car stripped to re paint in 1979 then left. I,m not sure what i,m going to do with her. !


Nice find! Those second-generation Camaros seem to be going places as of late, and yours sounds like it has good potential. Have fun with it!


I love second generation 1970 to 1973 Pontiac Firebirds & Camaros. Especially those that possess Endura front ends. I finally acquired a straight & clean 1973 four speed, Ram Air, Formula 350 Firebird in 2017. Making small improvements to it every chance I get. Driving it brings back high school memories since I had a 1971 Firebird back then.


I’d store the hubcaps and follow the Ring Brothers lead.