My “barn find”, sort of


When I was little, in the mid '50’s, my grandparents had an old Jeep, which was used to work in the woods in New Hampshire. I learned how to drive on it (at age 12) in the woods. In the attached picture, that’s me (age 2) standing next to the Jeep.
Of course, my grandparents died a long time ago. The woods are gone, too. However, about 10 years ago, I had an opportunity I couldn’t refuse. A Jeep just like the one I knew years ago? Not exactly. In the bigger picture, I am sitting in my Jeep in Mississippi. Yes, it is the same Jeep! A 1953 CJ3B, with 20,000 original miles.
I now live in Minnesota, and the Jeep is here, too. My grandchildren and the neighborhood kids enjoy riding in it. Occasionally, I will hook a chain on it and haul a tree out of the woods, just like years ago.