My Beautiful 1961 Impala SS Convertible


I"m the proud new owner of a 1961 Chevy Impala Super Sport Convertable, with factory A/C and cruise control


Love the white top paired with the Roman Red paint!


Thanks, Kyle…I just got my Impala 2 days ago, and I’m thrilled


Dear Oandroplex700,

Indeed, a beautiful 60’s car from the years when GM owned 65% of world wide car market. My friend Marvin Hall has a rotisserie restored 61 convertible, exactly like yours, same color combination, but the person that restored it used all factory parts to convert it to a 409. It is awesome, like yours Hope you enjoy it for a long while.
Best Regards, Joe Rybicki - Highlands Ranch, Colorado


Thanks Joe, I truly appreciate your very kind words…Now I"m waiting for the good weather to come, as so i can put the top down, and play some great oldie and doo wop tunes…Owen


Sweet. I have a friend with the same year and model but I am not sure of the power. I know it has 3x2 carbs and I am thinking 348 or 409. Not sure. Either way, they are beautiful to look at aren’t they? Congrats!


It was a 348 that had the tri-power option.


Thats true…however my Impala has the 348 with a 4 barrel carburetor…


I have a single 4 barrel carb on my Impala, and she has plenty of power…


for a 57-year-old car, she really is a lot of fun to drive, every time, i get behind the wheel, I"m 21 again, and i feel like the young man, I was coming home, from the war in Vietnam…


Whatever it is powered by, it is a beautiful example of the era. My ’62 Corvette is powered by a ’67 engine. I don’t care because it is just beautiful to look at and drive.




Congratulations, that’s a pretty car. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it and I’m glad you made it home safely! Maybe you found the fountain of youth.


Well Thank you, for your very kind words, I"m truly enjoying my 61 Impala Super Sport, and looing forward towards spring and summer, to drop the top, and enjoy my first convertible, in over 50 years… Yours truly, Owen