My childhood dream


When I was 11 years of age, I saw this car that look way diffente then most sport car. The owner parked it in front of this building and I stood there looking at it. The owner came out and said " I see you still here, it has been 30 minutes that you been look at it, do you like the car? It was like love at the first sight and I said “yes, what type of car is it?”. It’s was a 1968 Ford Torino Fastback Gt 289ic v8 winsor. I said to him that one day I will own one and he said “good luck”. When I serve my contry, I was deployed and I saw the same car; my heart was raicing but I couldn’t afford it. I was very sad and disapointed for not having the money. Well 23 years later I was lucky enough and found one but once again I didn’t have the money. My father-in-law saw that I was sad and he gave have me a surprice; he have me half of what is worth and he said “you put the other half and go get your dream car” and I did. When I bought it , I was and still am the happies man in this world. It neads a lot of work, it will take me about few years to get it fix but at least I have it with me.