My First Car, or maybe yours


Sometimes a charm, sometimes a disaster, it is always remembered. What was yours?

My own first car was a ‘61 NSU Prinz with direct fire ignition and a synchronized first gear. I bought it when I was 14 without my parents knowing and without understanding the concept of registration and insurance. It drove beautifully but I sold it back to the dealer I got it from only 5 days later as I was never going to be able to get a plate for it. My next car, at 15, was a ‘59 Edsel Ranger missing a radiator. It was cheap and interesting but it occurred to me that It would be expensive and time consuming to fix it. My sister sold it to her friends brother for $20 who got it tossed behind their house. Their neighbour called the City and it got towed away less than a week later. Not the best investment for either of us.
My first driveable car was a ‘64 Renault R4. The first car with a closed cooling recovery system… I was 16 and in high school automotives. It went through many changes over time, but that’s a different story.


First car was a new 1971 Porsche 914- I still have it but only drive it in good weather… won’t ever sell it. Will stay in the family.
My dad wouldn’t let me have a car until I was done with college. It was worth the wait!


My first attempt at car ownership came in the guise of a 1968 Plymouth Belvedere convertible. A beautiful dark blue car with a black top. Trying to impress my friends and of course, my father with my choice of vehicles, I proceeded to put the top down while parked in the driveway. We poked around under the hood, inspected the trunk and looked over the car for any potential problems. Everything looked fine… until I tried to start it. No go! I guess putting the roof down drained the battery. After a boost from my father, it was strongly suggested that I take the car back where I got it! I eventually purchased a 1968 Ford Galaxie 500 two door fastback that carried me through my high school days!



1964 gmc pickup w/305 v6 engine given to me by grandfather. He had taught 3 daughters to drive with this, so trans was shot. Old atlas tires had been on it so long, tire shop could not break bead and had to cut them off


I was 14 and mowing an elderly lady’s yard. As I was trimming around her detached garage I looked through the window and saw a 1956 Packard 400 (the 1955 was the last production year but special orders were available in 1956) black and white. I ask the lady if I could see it and she opened the garage up. The car had 19000 miles on it and the interior was black Patten leather with silver tapestry. An automatic trans with am wonder bar tuning radio(there was a button, like a dimmer switch, on the floor you pressed to scan the stations). It had power windows and locks. The engine was a 400 cubic inch V8 and suspension was automatic load leveling in the rear. It had 4 Goodyear Double Eagle tires and matching spare.
I was mesmerized. She said she had to park the car due to her advanced age a few years before. I asked her if she would sell me the car and she said she would have to talk to my Dad first. When she called him he said it was up to me as I had saved my lawn mowing money. He asked what she would want for it . She told him if I wanted it I could have it for $50 and since I had saved my lawn money she would make me keep it for college and I could work it off mowing her lawn.
Dad and I went to pick it up and found the battery dead. We jumped it and when we hit the switch we discovered it also had an electric fuel pump. Once it primed itself we hit the switch again and the 400 came to life ran a few minutes and idled right down.
I held onto the Packard and went to my Junior and Senior Prom in it. Dad and I took it in a road trip after I graduated High School. Ohio to Miami and back. That’s another story. When we got back I sold it for college money.
It was a Wonder deal and an adventure in one very wonder automobile. Wish I had her today.


Bought in 1971, my 1967 Sunbeam Alpine with a 1725cc 5 main bearing, twin Strombergs. Rebuilt the motor twice, trans once, rear once… but drove that puppy 250k miles til I turned 30, up to Mammoth or Utah for skiing, dirt roads for deer hunting (really), beach runs, canyon runs, and then munched an occasional Porschee for fun :wink:


My first car was a 1962 Austin-Healey Sprite Mk II, which my Dad heard about on an early-morning call-in show on the radio. Paid $455 for it and drove it all over Texas during my last two years in college. Wish I still had it.


64 Galaxie 500 390 auto a boat but a classy yacht front seat size of a sofa very helpful for a young fella,unfortunately too young too uneducated to know a classic upcoming and drove it into the ground,light blue with enough chrome to sink a battleship.R