My New 73 240Z Conversion


I had a new 73 240z that I kept and redid over the course of 11 years. Finally a lady T Boned me at an intersection and it was a total. I always wanted to do the Chevy conversion and a ton of years later I bought a converted 71 240z. Cosmetically it was nice but need lots of custom interior and engine compartment work. That is what I have been doing over the several years that I’ve owned it. I hope the purists will forgive me but it’s a beast of a car and draws lots of attention at car shows.


@sldiamant - You’ve piqued my interest, we are going to nee a full car photo details on that engine. Looks like a clean build!


383 SBC stroker, roller cam, rockers, lifters, headers, Aluminum heads, Aluminum Edelbrock water pump, Holley 770 carb, GM turbo 350 trans, R200 Datsun rear. Approx 450 HP.![DSC02753|666x500]
Just found out as a new user I’m only allowed to post one picture.240z-3



Nice! That must be a blast to drive.


Wow that is beautiful