My ride; 47 Years later


I bought this car used from the original owner in August 1970. We have had many fun trips including one 7,500 mile one month journey around the USA in 1971. We only venture on short, local day trips nowadays as we are both in our twilight years.


That’s a beauty, @mjbradley3. Thanks for sharing.


Good to see someone else that has owned a wonderful car for 47 years. I have been fortunate to own my 63 XKE coupe for 47 yrs also. Bought it Feb 1970 and was 22 yrs old. Great picture of Big block body Corvette


Nice to see long time owners- still have my first car, a 1971 Porsche 914. Luckily both my boys inherited the car gene, so it will stay in the family “forever.”


That’s fantastic, keep it on the road for as long as you can. I was just 24 when I bought my ‘66.


That’s great that your boys have the car bug. All ours want are a Prius or a Kia Soul, don’t know where we went wrong.


Hard to believe that I bought my Volvo 1800S 51 years ago in Gothenburg Sweden.

After 49 years and 65,0000 or so miles tucked away in New England (no winters) it has followed us to semiretirement in Florida.


Very nice. Keep it going…


Great looking ride! Bought my 1965 big block (W/out original motor) in 1976 parked it in 1978, Been sitting in shop on jacks stands ever since. I also have a few miles under my belt so its time to do something. but 39yrs later and I still can not decide.


Thank you. Without knowing you and in my opinion only, I would spend as little money as possible and a lot of sweat equity to get that wonderful ‘65 running and back on the road again. I’m sure it would bring you, and others, a lot of pleasure and then you can decide to keep or sell. Good luck on your decision.


Thanks mj, You have the right opinion, Getting it running and driving is the thing to do. After that figure out where to go after that. Plus if I chose to sell it that would be the best return on my money besides selling in all taken apart


That’s amazing! Beautiful car.


That is one BEAUTIFUL Volvo!


This car is really awesome!