My terminal Volvo affliction and the 1964 1800S I couldn’t let die

In October 2015, I was standing next to my ’68 Volvo 1800S at a car gathering in Victoria, British Columbia, when someone showed me a Google Map on his tablet. He zoomed in to reveal an 1800 parked in a residential driveway not far away. He said he walked his dog by the house every night, and the car had been sitting in the same spot forever—at least a decade.

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Hello my name is Marsha and my ex boyfriend has a 66 p1800 he has been trying to get rid of it needs some work to restore but it runs. If you are interested please contact me

Did you ever show the original owner the car, or at least a photo of the finished product (beautiful!)? If so, what was her reaction?

Hey! I am Volvo fanatic Guy who have restore many Volvo to be like new! Please Send som photo of your p1800

Hi. I’m locates in Charleston SC. Where is your ex-boyfriend’s car? I’m searching for a 1800 to restore.

Thank you.

Hello Marsha!
This is Max. My location is near Toronto. Where is the Volvo you mentioned located? Will appreciate your reply.