Mystery solved: Owner of barn-find 1969 Plymouth GTX steps forward

All’s well that ends well. Unless, of course, you were planning to bid on an “abandoned” 1969 Plymouth GTX convertible in northern Michigan that was already in the process of being auctioned.

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Bravo to all at Hagerty who were involved!

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Bidding is insane. $43,000 is the value of a car in “good” condition. Evidently this car isn’t even Fair as a Hagerty appraiser stated it is worth $10,000 as it sits. That likely exceeds the long term impound fees. The Hagerty articles caused the auction to become a hot topic in the Facebook group. MOPARS UNLIMITED. One member claims the owner has come forward and the auction is on hold. The owner has come forward but likely too late. I see no evidence of changes in auction proceedings.

Where was $10,000 quoted? That’s REALLY low even if the car was a parts car. I’m curious to see where it goes. The pictures I saw looks like it is a #3- condition, so this is already priced above Price Guide suggestions.

Isn’t that the Wild Cherry GTX?

It doesn’t look like it’s in that bad of shape
$ 10,000 is a joke. I’d guess an easy 35k. It is a convertible and appears like an original example. At auction who knows…

The car has had a rough life. It has been patched, quartered, and full of putty. New floor pans have been roughed in. The trunk floor has been worked on. Paint is daily driver quality. The interior shows its age, lots of wear and tear. Lots of cash needed to take it to a show car level.

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10k? Bid was at $44k when I checked…
Glad the owner was found.

Amazing that the police didn’t figure this first! Good job Hagerty!

What storage fees? Its a barn find right? Is the owner of the barn charging fees? 30 days in police custody does not equal 10K in fees. Something doesn’t add up.

Yes, so glad such a caring owner was reunited with his valuable car. Pathetic!!!

My 69 Sport Satellite covert is the same trim as the GTX except that I have the 318/auto. Mine is a daily seasonal driver with it’s share of flaws but I would laugh at anyone offering 10K. That GTX is worth WAYYYY more than 10K. The convertible parts alone are worth a mint.

Hey, life happens. Sometimes life events take precedent over our beloved cars. If he was extremely sick or had a child or wife that was terminally ill then I would say that is a lot more important.

I hope hagerty does a full write up of this car and the owner in the future. I also hope to see a full write up of the wild cherry van when it is priced back together, kind of a part 2 to both stories.

Want reality? Here is what can happen, You have many cars, and life gets in the way, let’s say a move happens, and cars need to be stored, a “friend” offers unused space in one of his garages, so you drive your car over to his place put it inside and lock the door. Checking in 5 years later, he says it is still just fine, not problem, all ok, dont worry, just take care of yourself… So you get back to getting things in order. You build a new garage at you new home and mention to someone that you are going to call your buddy and go get your car, but you are asked, “so, you didn’t sell that car to him? you know he restored it and has been driving it to shows” -----
So here is what I found out… Since The car was inactive, the title was “open” and he was able to declare the car abandoned on his property and no notice to me was was necessary. Car was leagaly his. My title was void. Nice to have friends to offer help.

This is A/C and power windows convertible, they must be a very few of them…
It´s value have to be way above most Satellite around

This story seems really incomplete. So this guys offers to store the car for his buddy after doing some floor work on it then it magically ends up in the hands of law enforcement with huge fees due on it and goes to auctions? The guy calls his friend up years ago to tell whats going on and the friend doesn’t care enough to even return the call? Either there is a-lot of info missing in this article or this guy and his friend grossly mishandled the storage situation with this car? How about a better, clearer story about what happened here? Seems like the author forgot his article was due today and threw it together during 4th period study hall!

If the car starts, can be driven, and safely stopped, it’s worth more than 10K. That’s a #3 if there ever was one. GREAT story, Hagerty,one of many I read on a weekly basis. I would love you to get into the lost children business, too.

You get a free story for nothing and complain about it. Did you ever think that maybe this is all they know about what happened. Do some research yourself if you think you can do better.

The car isn’t in Northern Michigan. It is in the Northern part of lower Michigan. A buddy looked at it at it since I’m in Green Bay and he lives in the UP, he said it was a bondo buggy.