Mystery solved: Owner of barn-find 1969 Plymouth GTX steps forward

when I hear about people thinking that they own your car because they’ve been your “friend” & stored it for you “all these years” & then you find out that they can legally claim it makes wonder what’s going on with the legal system. A guy tried to pull this one one me about 40 years ago. I sent someone around to see him who convinced him that it would be beneficial to his health if he didn’t. Guess what…I got my car back, no problem & was told that it was “just a misunderstanding”…

Wait! That’s MY car! I remember now! I parked it there and forgot! Yea, that’s it…

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This is the kind of thing that brings out some of the worst in car people, they do nothing about the find which is something of a great find, it may need work, it may have deeper flaws, but the car has a starting point now, to be touched-up, or a full restoration, it is found and can once again be worked on and completed, remember each find is a starting point, to be completed with lots of T L C for a true collector!!!

Lost my 69 Plymouth VIP in Michigan:
In 1978 i was in the Air Force & sent to Korea. I left my car with my brother to use. During that year my registration from South Dakota (where i purchased & previously stationed) expired. The car got a few parking tickets for exp reg. One day my brother discovered the car gone. It had been parked on the street, so he called the Livonia PD to report it stolen. They refused to take a report because he wasnt the registered owner & btw it had parking tickets, maybe it was impounded? Yet they refused to tell him or check because he wasnt the R.O. . My Dad tried to tell them my circumstances, and use common sense, but they still refused. When i returned stateside after a year I went to the PD & demanded a report. After an hour arguing with a Sgt who did some checking. I was told they refused to take a stolen report after a year, and they ‘could find no record of an impound’. I was pissed! They basically threatened & kicked me out of the station. So who has my car?! I hope some day i get a call saying ‘it has been found’!

I wonder if the person storing the vehicle was not paying his taxes on the property where vehicle was stored. Property probably foreclosed on and contents to be part of an auction to pay the back taxes owed. I think the gentleman who was storing the vehicle is not telling the whole story.

Some barns do charge fees.A friend of mine was left with (19) cars when his father passed away.All were Mustangs,Fairlanes and Falcons.He had all the titles and keys,but for whatever reason his father did not tell anyone where the cars were.It took him a year to find all of them.He found them when the storage bills were sent. Turns out that north of Dayton Ohio scattered all over the place are farms where some large farming interests buy the farms,rent out the farm houses and turn the barns into storage for cars,campers and boats and farm the land.Each barn has a padlock with a combination on the door.I spent a whole day with him finding his fathers cars.Each one was finally accounted for and we had a blast looking for the cars.Not exactly the best way to store a car since the barns usually had roosting birds and lots of critters.Luckily his father had covered all the cars with tarps and put them up on wood blocks.He was not a car guy so all he wanted to do was find the cars and dispose of them.It changed how I look at farms when I drive around the Midwest.When you see a farm house and a barn but don’t see any farm equipment and the barns are all painted up nice and white,I just wonder whats behind those doors.

I hope Leelanau County Sheriff’s Office behaves (or behaved) “reasonably” (as opposed to “legalistically”), and work(ed) with the person claiming ownership, instead of putting pressure on him to “come up” or “give up”? I would think the guy is trying what is in his power and current monetary means.
Do you think LC County Sheriff’s Office does that with ALL vehicles sitting in their acres of impounds? Because of the work I do, I know firsthand other vehicles in county impounds sit sometimes a year, two, or more before getting crushed for scrap. Why rush this one to auction? $$$$$$
If it sits too long in their impound field, seasons take their toll and it’s value certainly would drop. Eventually it would be crushed for scrap like all the other UNCLAIMED impounds.
Bondo barge or decent condition, the vehicle belongs to someone, but obviously in Leelanau County Sheriff’s Office control. You can bet they were eager to get the bidding started on the internet on that one. They know it’s a collectible and would likely fetch a nice payday for the county as well.