National Corvette Museum is a must-see, especially post-sinkhole


Located about a mile from General Motors’ Bowling Green Assembly plant where every Corvette has been built since 1981, the National Corvette Museum honors the history of America’s Sports Car and the people behind its design, engineering, and production. I’ve visited the National Corvette Museum (NCM) on more than one occasion, but this trip marked the first time I’ve walked through since the museum suffered a catastrophic loss in 2014 when a sinkhole opened under the museum’s signature skydome and swallowed eight memorable Corvettes. Since then, several of the cars have been restored, yet some remain in their mangled, sinkhole-induced state of destruction.

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During a round trip through the U.S.A. I visited the National Corvette Museum at Bowling Green, this was before the sinkhole, a photo album is on-line [and can be viewed here].
Bruno from Belgium


Thanks Bruno… Great pictures!!


Here is a link to an album of our visit in August 2018. Bought my 85 just a couple months before.

Corvette Museum


Thanks for sharing the photos.


Also a nice photo album !


The Corvette that Zora chose when he retired and is pictured in your article is a 1974 not a 1973.
Great article and the museum is a must see even if you are not a Corvette guy or girl


My brother visited the museum shortly before the sinkhole. He was very disappointed. With nearly all the display space occupied by late model cars, there were but a token few of the early (1954-1967) models on display. Almost all of the museum’s early cars were hidden away in storage.


My friend owns the 1/2 millionth Vette. Fortunately, it was tucked away at home an didn’t fall down the hole. It was on display not long before.


My wife & I went there right after the cave in. They had pieces of wood directing us away from the hole. Surprisingly they let us get really close. I was amazed how crushed some of these cars were!
Great display now, love how they parked them just like pre cave in.


The Horton Car Museum in Nacona, Texas, has 32 Corvettes from 1953-1978. The entire collection has 138 cars. I’ve visited once and I will return. http://hortonclassiccarmuseum.com/index.html


We took a group of WKU Engineering Students the morning the sinkhole collapsed to assess the damages with a camera on a drone the students had built. It was neat to see national news programs show videos that came from my iPhone and the students project quad that day.

Sorry the website won’t allow me to add more photos.


Definitely on my museum bucket list.


so much sadness, when they fell into the hole