Need advice! What to do?



I picked up a 1966 C10 step side.
What’s been done.
Disc power brake conversion.
Short bed conversion.
Frame notch.
5" lowered.
Patina paint
New interior.
New wood bed
Full engine and frame detail
22" rims 35 profile tires.
3 on the tree
250 L6
New window seals, vent seals, door rubbers

Radiator leak
Heater core leak
Everything is 52 years old

Parts sourced.
New core and radiator, hoses and heater box gaskets
Seals and bushings for linkages and transmission.
Period correct 283 4 barrel complete motor.
Camel hump heads fully redone.
4-71 reconditioned blower

The questions
Just put the period correct motor in after a clean and dress up ?
Build the motor and blow it with an under hood vintage Mickey Thompson Carter 4 carb intake ?
Raise the truck back up 2"?
Other ideas?




@nitro450exp - I think the biggest thing we need to know to help you is what you plan to do with the truck. What do you enjoy doing with it? If there something you wish it would do better?

Personally, I love the stance it has now. And the I6 under the hood is cool and a great engine for cruising. I see no reason not to leave it for what I would like to do with that pickup.


I have to agree with @Kyle on the stance - in my eyes, the truck has the perfect look at its current height.

As far as the engine situation, it’s really going to depend on what you intend use the pickup for. A period correct supercharged 283 certainly has a cool-factor and would probably be a standout at the local cars and coffee, but might be more labor-intensive in terms of tuning if you plan to cruise it in traffic on a regular basis. Higher underhood temperatures might also be a consideration for this setup.

With all of that said, it’s pretty cool as-is with the L6 and 3-speed, too!


Plus 2 on the stance. It’s had some mods that would make it difficult/expensive to go back on now anyway. Not certain what’s available, but I might look into finding a 4th gear and/or OD for easier cruising…especially with the 283. Other than that IF IT WERE MY TRUCK I’d take care of the reliability items you mentioned and enjoy it. Cool truck.


I LOVE the stance as it sits. If it rides well, I would personally leave it. Im also a fan of inline 6’s, but theres nothing wrong with a nice LS6 either :wink:


That totally reminds me of a truck :truck: my father had. Very nice!


Hello, all there is some tire rubbing that is why I plan to raise it a smidge.



Wash it wax it drive it. We did a 64 for a friend of mine many years ago stanced it pretty much like the OP’s, left the six in it did split header Clifford cam with two two barrels and lightened flywheel. It was still really drivable and fun to stand on when you wanted to.