Need information on my '71 240Z


In back of my dad’s garage sits a 1971 240Z. It doesn’t run, was in a wreck. But there are lots of replacement parts,including new OEM fenders, new hood, much more, still in packing bags, and they have been sitting awhile too. Also, a spare engine, needs some work. Obviously, more facts are necessary to fix a value and that is why I am here! I hope some of you folks can guide us as we search for a buyer for the entire package, hopefully someone who will love the challenge and love the car.


@candie.autrand - Sounds like quite the project! Any idea how long it has been sitting?

Any potential buyers will be looking for good descriptive photos of the vehicle. A club like classiczcars.com would be a good starting point for selling as that caters to those who are passionate about cars just like yours.


Thank you for your info. The car had been sitting 38 years. So it’s pretty low mileage! Appreciate your help.