New Ford GT Mk II is a track-only celebration of North American engineering

With customers poised at the brink of electrified autonomy, Ford Performance could not resist the opportunity for one last chorus of unmuffled speed and driving delight. The newly revealed Ford GT Mk II is a second iteration of the modern Ford supercar engineered to win its class at Le Mans. We’re talking way too much horsepower, the aerodynamics of an eagle in flight, and racing slicks for phenomenal cornering and braking. If you’ve got $1.2-million burning a hole in your net worth and are one of the first 45 hand raisers, this dedicated track toy can be yours.

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It’s hard for me to fathom that there are people out there bored with the current crop of supercars that not only can afford the Mk II but NEED the Mk II to be happy. After a lifetime of daily commuting, fatherhood, house-owning hood, and keeping the second car running while the main family sedan was never more than 4 years old and in good shape, I retired and bought myself a brand new Focus ST. It makes me grin every time I open the garage door, let alone drive it. Yet, out there somewhere, are people that for them this GT MkII will be their Focus ST present to themselves. Wow.

Maybe if I hang around the right track they will let me load their MkII on the trailer. Or wax the wing. Or at least take a selfie next to it.

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Refreshing post. We all - at least most of us with healthy psyches, enjoy reading and looking above our means. I tire of the posts and letters asking for reviews of the affordables.

“What if design was bounded solely by the laws of physics?”

It seems that, in my physics class, I somehow missed the law that limits Ford GT Mk II engine size to a 3.5L V6. Why not a twin turbo Coyote V8?

Nevertheless - an awesome car. My hand is up! (But, at the same time, my other hand is out for a donation of $1.2 million. Maybe I should start a “go fund me” page?)

Yes please. I’ll have the blue and orange gulf livery thank you very much. Oh BTW can someone loan me 1.2M. Yeah that’s what I thought.

Irony: closing 5 plants in Europe and Russia, then pouring huge resources into extremely low number status car that screams LOOK AT ME. Love the car, wonder about the B.O.D. Do they have a plan? Can they morph this into a Audi and Tesla track alternative to their electrics? Aren’t they banking on the demise of the I.C.E. in their longview?

I once had the great honor of sitting in Larry Holt’s office and listening to him try to explain to us lessor motorheads what was going on in his mind. I felt like I was sitting inside a tornado and I remember thinking that his disheveled white hair was perfect for such a wildly imaginative mind.

I love the quote “What if design was bounded solely by the laws of physics?” I’m sure Larry was disappointed to be limited by the laws of physics…for now.

So pleased to see the Multimatic logo powering the drive wheels in the new livery.

“…the aerodynamics of an eagle in flight”
lol, just what I want at 200 mph, lift! That’s almost as good as the old Pinto marketing about “road hugging weight”.