New Wheels and Tires for my Corvair


I finally got my new wheels in the mail, tires mounted and balanced up and threw them on the 65 Corsa.

There was worry in my household they were going to be a bit big but they turned out just right. The newly installed HD springs haven’t settled, but I think I am going to be cutting one coil out either way.

Anxious to get some better photos of the car outside the garage. Soon enough.

Wheel Details-
Manufacturer- Team III
Model- LT-III

Front- 17x7 with 4" backspacing. 215/45R17 (very close overall diameter to stock. Speedo will still be correct-ish)

Rear- 17x8 with 4.5" backspacing. 225/50R17 (1" taller than stock for lower RPM on the highway)


Tried to let the suspension settle a bit but with my plans to lower it eventually and my distaste for the nose high stance, I took Saturday afternoon and cut one coil off the top of the front springs. It leveled the car out, personally I like the attitude a lot more now.