Nissan 300ZX - Modern Classic


Matt Nelson isn’t your typical car guy. The Baltimore native and Michigan State graduate didn’t grow up tinkering with automobiles, didn’t relentlessly pursue his dream car and never expected to work at a car-focused company. But here he is nonetheless, in his fourth year at Hagerty and now the proud owner of a modern classic – a naturally aspirated 1996 Nissan 300ZX. “This is the first car I’ve ever driven that wasn’t a Suburban,” Nelson admitted. Prior to joining Hagerty, Nelson said his hobby background could be summed up in five words: “Absolutely no experience with cars.” Like many people bitten by the car bug, however, that is no longer the case.

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A similar situation occurred to me when I was to take my wife out for what was to be her first ride in my newly acquired Porsche 928 20+ years ago. I drove the car out of the garage and waited for her to come out of the house. She did so, holding a mango in one hand. I looked at her and said in a certain tone of voice “you aren’t coming in the car with that, are you?” She refused to get into the car for several months after that.