Nissan to build heritage steel parts with new manufacturing technology

Weep not, dejected Datsun owner with a rusty rocker panel—Nissan has heard your cries. Today, the Japanese automaker introduced a new technology called dual-sided dieless forming, a technology that will allow the company to make replacement parts for cars that are no longer in production.

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Good on Nissan.

How long until GM (etc.) realizes the fortune they could be making selling OEM quality parts (i.e., most reproduction Square Body fenders are not close to originals in fit or quality).

Yes, I know there has been some licensing and some companies make better than stock stuff. However, the handiness of being able to go to a local dealership (i.e., if your 3 vehicle collection is all GM) is a trump card they could have been playing the last 25 years (instead of dumping all the parts after 10 years).

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