No more procrastinating: Rescuing my Lotus from the back burner


Back in November, I wrote a series of articles about the seductive trap of the Lotus Europa.

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“Enthusiast” - a person who is highly interested in a particular activity or subject.
Maybe you are not quite there yet.


I wanted to own one of these since I was a teen. After reading your articles I will just look for a Miata with a hard top . . .


Could some of the problems come from the fact that Lotus used a “1500” block not the later “1600”?
I believe Lotus used the 1500 block bored out to 1558 cc’s. One winter some years ago I rebuilt an early Elan and a 73 Europa twin cam engines at the same time. Both had the original 1500 cc blocks bored to 1558. The later 1600 block is taller.
Just a thought, possibly the jack shaft if different as well, I am sure Dave Bean could advise.


It was common practice to cut the camshaft off behind the centre bearing, plug the oil feed to the (unused) rear cam bearing, and use a low pressure electric fuel pump. (Saves weight!)
Might solve your bent cam binding problem.