No thanks, I’ll pass: Saying no to a “sure thing”


We’ve all had it happen. You look on Craigslist, find a car that sounds like an unbelievable deal, do a double-take, call or e-mail as fast as your fingers will dial or type, count the minutes until you hear back, can’t believe your good fortune that you’ve managed to be the first call and snag the first viewing, drive two hours to see the suspected score, and then walk away empty-handed and disappointed.

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Rob, I enjoy your articles. I bought a '62 700 Sport Coupe on ebay early this year, mainly for the engine which has been rebuilt and is performing nicely in my '60 Coupe. However, the rest of the car is horrid and will need lots and lots of metal work, a complete interior and numerous small parts.
But, it is restorable. Good thing I am retired.(grin)
Regards, Ray