Non-Chrysler Hemis


It’s truly a testament to Chrysler’s marketing team that the nickname “Hemi” is so completely associated with Mopar products. Merely uttering the term recalls muscle cars with eye-searing paint jobs, thundering V-8s and the pungent smell of roasting tires. However, many forget that hemispherical combustion chambers, where the term “Hemi” comes from, are not exclusive to Chrysler. Indeed, they’ve been around since early in the last century.

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What about the Mitsubishi 2.6 used in early-mid 80’s K cars and mini vans? I remember people scratching out the decimal point and adding a 4 to the fender emblems and bragging, yeah my K car has a 426 hemi!!!


Alfa nord 4cyl. Used from the 50’s through the 90’s