Nostalgia that wonderful feeling


how would it be ever possible to forget your many loves of your youth’ Linda Dkw Erica Bmw 328 Paula All Alfa Romeos Ford Model B and on and on So now as we get old we have that ache in our Heart and fondlyi recall all those sometimes dreams and sometimes infatuation but we are also able and a lot of us busily engaged to relieve those Dreams well a lot of the Girls were ffckle and are gone with the wind but the Cars never left us at least not in our memoryand so we relive them in memory recreate them in our shops and drive them on the roads .watch them go by and admire the in car shows and mourn the ones we would have loved but we could not reach or could not find each one of us ahso has a special memory mine is the sound of an offenhauser powered midget I can never forget the sound of that immortal engine but may never own one but I know where they are and somebody takes good care of them for me So what is your special memory That is always tugging at your heart?