Not a barn find but still an incredible story


I stumbled across a car that I had once owned new. Through unfortunate circumstances the car was taken back by the bank. 48 years later I have been re-united with that same car, its still has most of the same items that I put on it in 1970, including the license plates! It will be arriving tomorrow, April 16, 2019, and rolled into its new home. 1970 Cougar Eliminator, 428 CJ, 4-speed, Competition Yellow. So I am the original owner…again.


It is here! I sat in it again for the first time since 1971! The cigarette lighter must still have traces of my cigarettes in it from 1970-1971.

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That is unbelievable what a find once in a lifetime shot at that ever happening,many cars that I had I would luv to find again but have never seen them again,you better buy some lotto tickets because your luck is rite up there,wicked ride, hope you have the finances to do rite by this time capsule i would be damn proud to have that in my garage.R

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Well, you know the old saying about how to make a $1 million dollars in classic cars? Start with $4 million dollars. I have no illusions about the cost of restoration as I get a lot of personal joy from that (there goes the profit motive). I’m planning on it costing upwards of $60K to complete this project but I’ll still be undervalued for an original owner car (I am both #1 and #4).

I also have friend who is DYING to get into this deal with me and he is a world-class FE and all-around car guru. (He has two 427 Cobras in his garage; one is not enough).


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The only issue with this car is the motor, it is a 428 SCJ instead of a 428 CJ. It was that way when I bought the car new but as a “demonstrator” with 2420 miles on the clock; primarily in 1/4 mile increments. The dealership got tired of replacing CJ engines so went with a SCJ and had it blueprinted and balanced by Iskendarian in LA. At least that’s the way I heard it. I’ll know for sure shortly.

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Great story Chuck got a laugh out of making money on classic,s yep its a throw money at it ,its personal satisfaction not cost,if it still isnt where you want it to be you just throw more at it.Personally I believe that car is worth every penny you put in it what a feeling it will be on completion day to go out for a rip talk about time travel 48 years WOW to be in the same ride again it would be hard to express the feeling.There will be a get together at your shop that day Epic good luck with the resto hope to see pics.Rob R


Wow! Any pix from way back when???


Great story! Good luck with you car.