Nothing But L-88's


Hello Everyone “YES” I’m a car guy they(Hagerty) talked me into this. I was born and raised in the burbs of Detroit in the 60’s let’s just say "The whole thing started back in '63, Jan and Dean, the Beach Boys and me."
Those musical artists had a huge influence in my life. they helped forge me to get a education and land a engineering job at GM. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to work with the release engineer who was responsible for the L-88’s/ZL-1 Powertrains. so I’m familiar with the in’s and out’s and details of those RPO options. I blueprint those engines to exact specifications and do they make some POWER! you have to get them just perfect. I still have copies of the original development work. that make the BB run sweet! and develop huge amount of horsepower and torque. . I will try and assist any way I can with the exact tolerances in building your big block. from start to finish even the proper break in procedure. and how to properly lash the valves. so let’s talk about it.


That is awesome. I have a 1976 Corvette. 350. It was made with just enough horse power to get out of the garage. I have know idea on how to rebuild a engine but i wish i did. I am a GM retiree now. These corvettes are sad. How can you go from a 454 big block to a 350 small block? The bumpers were so bad they just would fall off. I will have to get my engine rebuilt but i wish it had a 454 or 427 in it. That was the days of the true muscle cars.


Hi AJ, I too am an L78, L89, L88 admirer and am lucky enough to own a 69 factory BB Camaro. I am curious what procedure you follow for setting proper valve lash (solid lifter) and what tolerances?

To set the lash on my 396, I start with the intake (.024) and follow the firing order, turning it over by hand. Then I do the exhaust (.026). Thanks, Chris