Now’s the time to tinker!

First off, these are trying times for everyone and all of us are in different situations. I wish everyone the best and hope you all stay safe and healthy.

With that being said, this 60 year old guy lunched a radiator a few days before our Amelia Island Concours D Elegance Cars and Coffee on my 98 BMW M3. Local specialist wanted $1000.00 to replace. He must of read my face because he looked at me and said that is the price of owning an M3. That shop has been great to me but my budget couldn’t support that. Well thanks to all those like minded auto enthusiasts like you all on the specialty forums and You Tube I managed to procure the parts online and fix it the day before the show. I was so happy to make the show and damn I really felt like I accomplished something. I hadn’t wrenched on any major projects in almost three years and it felt great. So I guess the moral of the story is that with everyone cooped up and stressed out it might be the best time to work on that auto project we all have been putting off and turn a few wrenches and have a few beverages.