Now’s your chance to meet an astronaut’s 427 Stingray

It was the deal of a lifetime—a 427-powered 1969 Corvette Stingray with a unique paint job, leased to its owners for the price of one dollar per year. There was only one catch: you had to be an astronaut. The program was administered by Jim Rathmann, 1960’s Indy 500 winner and Florida Chevrolet dealer.

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What a great year to be here in DC, just a few months ago we had the Washington Monument lit as Apollo 11 and now Alan’s 69. This Corvette has been my wallpaper on facebook since I started my account.

I think the idea of the astronauts driving Corvette’s might have been like rocket fuel in fueling my desire on being an astronaut when I was a kid, but who knows maybe it was just to own a Corvette. However, after seeing the inside of one of those space capsules. I am happy to say that my 69 Corvette (427/6sp factory side pipe cpe), my Omega Moon Watch, my NASA patch collection and my collection of Apollo 11 Silver Dollars are great consultation prizes to drinking TANG in even tighter qtrs than my corvette’s cockpit. Of course I still enjoy making orbits on the Blvd and gazing up at the stars with the T’s off the 69, next time I might even pack a cup of TANG.

I will be looking for you out there…