Now’s your chance to own a car from Burt Reynolds’ personal collection


The Bandit may be gone, but his legacy lives on. Burt Reynolds’ recent death brought the actor’s films back into the spotlight, along with the star’s cars. Three from his personal collection will be sold at Barrett-Jackson’s Las Vegas Auction September 27–29. All three are listed as re-creations.

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1978 Firebird Formula?


Geez! Is the body cold yet? The vultures are fast to try to make a buck.


@timbonmi01 - Barrett Jackson and Burt Reynold’s business parter both state he was planning to sell the cars before he passed, but I agree with you. An odd time to push that they are selling these cars. It sad to say, but we saw similar things with Carroll Shelby.


The original Bandit cars were gold-leafed not painted gold pinstripe. Jimmy Norris in in South Carolina did the striping five cars as well as painting the mural on the truck. Their pictures of Burt Reynolds Jerry Reed and Hal Needham in his shop