OBD2 Scanner Recommendations


This really isn’t a classic car question, but I am figuring most guys and gals that fix their classics fix their daily driver.

I am looking for an affordable ($100 or less) scanner that returns all available information when a code is thrown by the computer. For example mine tells me I have a P0147 code but does not say what O2 (bank) is throwing the code.

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I’ve been using an Actron brand reader for years and I like it. To get what you want, I believe is going to put you right at or slightly above that $100 mark though. Another option, if you are tech savvy would be the OBD Link MX series blue tooth scan tool which connects to an app on your phone. That one is under $100 and does some basic real time data display for basic diagnosis work. I know someone who uses that tool and likes it.


I have also heard good things about the bluetooth based scan tools, though no personal experience.


Recently purchased a VeePeak OBD2 Bluetooth for about $35 plus another $10 for the Ipad app that goes along with it. Android app also available. Up to date and a very nifty device. Check this link.


I don’t know what your goal is… on my 55 Chevy I have a scanner recorder on each bank about 12 inches before the X pipe. To capture the data and save it for analysis later and to display say O2 when you drop the hammer will cost you a lot more that $100.

If you just want codes recorded as they occur and store for future maintenance Actron or a phone based system like FIXD should fit your needs.

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I have been impressed with the Autel MD802 Maxdiag, available on Amazon for about $175. It reads almost all modules and can record data. Most of my experience is with GM and the Autel menus match Tech 2 menus. It isn’t bi-directionaI. You will have to pay a lot more for that. I have not seen any $100 scanner that impressed me.


Hi, i used my smartphone with Android app Torque(lite) the free one with a ELM327 dongle i got from amazon. More info than you can shake a stick at. it will keep you busy. :slight_smile: