Odd Ball Car Features - Unique Car Features


Anyone who has purchased a car has likely been overwhelmed by the list of features on the window sticker. Over the years, there have been some pretty imaginative features offered right from the dealership. Here are five of the more unique examples.

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Another GM airball on swivel seats. Chrysler had them back in the late 50s and by 1960, they were cable operated with the attachment to the door. My father disconnected his 60 Plymouth Fury demo seats because the cable setup made the door much more difficult to swing open.


And another technical update: The RCA HiFi record players were not only well-suspended, but they played UPSIDE DOWN, so that Side A of your fav went on the 45 rpm fat spindle face-down and the arm/needle rose to meet it. After play, it dropped below to a slotted tray. It had a full chrome fascia and was mounted under the radio, to the bottom edge of the dashboard, over the transmission hump.
I discovered one leftover in our parts department stock and installed in the above-referenced red 60 Fury 4-dr HT demo, though I am not sure it was still offered for 1960.