Of today's new cars under 40 grand would a performance minded person buy, and yes I'm going to buy in the next few months.?


I want the quickest, most ballsy, car I can buy for 40 grand or less as I enjoy my middle age crazies. Cars, I already did the motorcycle thing. :slight_smile:


It might be worth thinking about a used Ford Focus RS. Those are nothing if not quick and an absolute riot to drive. I think they are likely to gain appreciation in the future too, making a good one not the worst invenstment.

If you want to stick on the sports car spectrum, you can get a sixth generation Corvette Z06 for that money too.


For $40k, I think I would go used for the biggest bang for the buck. Also at middle age you have to look respectable and be able to take guest to dinner etc… therefore I would suggest a 2013/2014ish BMW M5.


I think I know what you mean by “ballsy”, but how do you define “quick”? Straight line acceleration or do you want something that turns too?
If it’s the former I think any hemi powered Chrysler product might do. I think the V6 Camaro and Mustangs are decent performance buys. Shop a bit this time of year and I’ll bet you can get a LS or 5.0 V8 versions. If you really want something that does both personally I’d look at the new Mustang or that C6. May even be able to find a base equipped C7 or slightly used BMW M2 near your price point.


@Jim-R - You make a good point, the V6 Camaro and Mustangs are really good cars that would leave a good chunk of your budget left for gas and road trip food. Plenty of power along with modern comfort and efficiency.


I’d go with a 6-speed manual equipped Chevrolet SS Sedan. Sure, they’re a bit of a unicorn, but everyone that I have talked to about these cars say that they handle very well and pack plenty of punch. I like that they’re a total sleeper car. Judging what I’ve seen other badge engineered Holdens (Pontiac GTO and G8) doing in the market, I doubt an SS will see too much depreciation. Both the GTO and G8 are on the up swing, especially the G8 GXP which is pretty much the same car.


@Greg - How did I forget about the G8 GXP? That’s one of my favorites! Tons of potential and unsuspecting looks.


@Kyle Because I’m an insufferable Pontiac nerd. First you’d have to find one, then it would have to have some miles on it, but a G8 SLP Firehawk would be in the budget as well. 500 Supercharged horsepower in a G8 is okay by me.


I’m a 0-60 fan, big torque 40-60 downshift, pin yo butt to the seat, straight line fanatic. That’s me. Im one of those that brakes for turns and like to be seen kinda cat. That’s me. :))


5.0 Mustang is the first thing that came to my head after your last statement. Add aftermarket exhaust for extra “look at me” factor and have fun!