Olds Tilt/Tele Custom Steering Wheel Hubs

I have a 1937 Buick Special resto-mod with a 1975ish Olds tilt/tele that I want to add a custom wheel tool while keeping the column, tilt & telescopic.

  1. Anybody have any luck with the following adapters:
    LeCerra adapters
    Grant GM Telescopic Installation Kit
    Flashpower Hub Adapter
  2. Any others that might work?

While I don’t have any personal experience on the topic, Grant is a known and established brand is this space. If they make a part that they describe as doing what you want, I would be willing to gamble it works.

What type of wheel are you looking to go to?

I’m open to anything other than the fugly Olds wheel.

Both Grant and LeCarra have what look like good adapters so I’ll probably choose one of those.

Thanks for response.