One man’s quest to save the endangered Capri


Just as sales of the Mustang and its competitors began to sputter in the early 1970s, a new breed of smaller sporty coupe emerged, led, coincidentally, by the Mustang’s svelte European Ford cousin, the Capri. British and German Ford factories built nearly two million Capris from 1969 until 1986. In America, Ford offered the German-built model through its Lincoln-Mercury dealers, selling nearly a half-million from 1971–1977.

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Thanks for a great Part 2 of the series on the European Ford Capri in America.

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Having just finished (last year) my '71 Capri, I can say without a doubt that Norm /Team Blitz were instrumental in it’s success. They supplied not only the necessary parts but countless emails from me asking questions that were needed to make my car the beauty that it is today. A real wealth of knowledge.


Thanks Hagerty for publishing an article on our beloved Capris. Norm Murdock is THE Capri source for everything Capri. Glad to see his contributions in this two-parter. Ford Capri Fans on the interwebs also congregate in the following groups:


The worlds first and only Capri mailing list devoted to the Ford Capri in North America. Started in 1997 and still active today! Find it on yahoogroups at https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/capri-list/info or Capri-list.com


Capri World (North America) The first and largest discussion group catering to the Ford Capri in North America. Started in 2017 and 600+ members strong. The majority of memeber are in the US and Canada. All North American Capri events are listed. Swarm in Ohio , Ford Nationals in Carlise PA, and most recently Knottberry Farms in California.


Capri World Our mother group. A mahoosive 20,000+ members from all over the world. A metaphorical drool-fest for Capri enthusiasts. The cars posted up speak for themselves.



Perana baby! http://perana.org/capriv8.asp


I had a Capri I when I was younger, really enjoyed driving it all over the west coast. Ford made several mistakes with the marketing, parts cross over, and construction to those cars as I found lenses that were the same as were current on the Fiesta but dealers said were no longer available. The timing gears made out of plastic for noise reduction so owners were forced to look to the after market for solutions for this design issue. I got crazy one night driving home and decided to see how fast the 2.6and 4 speed were got out 130 on the speedometer and chickened out because of nose lift. I sometimes
wish that I could find a replacement for that car.