Order of Restoration


I have owned an '81 911SC for 20 years. Much of the time it was not running properly. Last year I had the brakes, engine and transmission gone over professionally. I am ready for the next, more cosmetic steps. I do want to keep it a driver, sunny weekend jaunts, not a concourse car.

Which should I tackle next, interior or paint? The body is in pretty good condition, no rust, but lots of chips and dings. Interior is leather, but cracking in places.

Just looking to do what makes sense in not trashing one after I have completed the other. Would prefer not to do it all at once, but open to suggestions.

Gary Crouch


I’ll tell you how I would do it, so take it with a grain of salt…

Interior first. It where I spend my time as the driver/passenger ad what would bring me the most joy.

That is what it really boils down to in my mind. I do what brings me the most joy first. That usually means getting the engine running right, other drivetrains modifications, then suspension, then interior. I’ll admit I’m too cheap to paint a car though, so it isn’t on my list.