Original owner of 1969 Dodge Charger R/T 440


I purchased my 1969 Dodge Charger R/T on September 1969 in Charlotte NC with my dad’s signature right after high school graduation. I drove it through college and many years after. Many speeding tickets, a few wrecks, and a whole lot of stories. I stored in in an old building for almost 25 years. My wife encouraged me to “fix” up that old car before the building fell completely down. The project began in November of 2004. To skip a longer story, it was finally restored to it’s original beauty in 2015. The car was displayed in Carlisle Penn in July 2015 where it caught the attention of Mopar Magazine and was featured center fold of the February 2016 edition.
It is now just a pleasure drive.

Johnny P.


Beautiful car! I bought a 1969 Charger on June 2, 1969 and still have it. It is dark metallic green, black interior, 383 4bbl, 727 Torqueflite, 3:23 Sure-Grip. After being my only car, family car, and second car, it needed some work. Had the engine rebuilt at 180,000 miles and the tranny shortly thereafter. The car now has 202,000 miles with the original drive train. I made some changes: mild cam, headers, heavier torsion bars, rear sway bar (1970), re-arched the rear springs and added an extra leaf on each side, battery is in the trunk, and a ram-air system. Still a thrill to drive. Take care.


Thanks for your reply Jerry. Sounds like you have really enjoyed your Charger like I have and do now.
I actually had 155,000 on mine before I stored it for 25 years. It truly is a “new” 69 now. It has a whopping 1,500 miles now. Engine was bored to a 497 ci, 540 hp and 600 lbs of torque, 3.91 rear. A bit more go than original.

Enjoy the ride!

John P