Original vs Restored

Hello Hagerty Team:
My father just gifted me a 1980 Fiat Spider Convertible (fuel injected).
He purchased this car from a San Francisco CA dealership new in 1980 (one owner car).
I had it shipped from San Francisco to Phoenix Arizona (all went well). I drove it over the Memorial Weekend. This car has over 200K miles and looks very clean. I cleaned the car up very well inside and out being very careful. The interior is great with no tears in the seats. I kept staring at the car and the paint and as I looked deeper I wondered if it had a respray. I called my father and he said about 10-15 years ago he had it painted the same color. My question is this: Is the car still original (can it be called that) and or is it now up for potential restoration?
Thanks for the privilege of being a part of the Hagerty community.

If a respray in the same color is all I say still original and wouldn’t mess with it…it’s close enough to leave alone IMHO…

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I thank you very much!