Our closest look yet at the mid-engine Corvette


New spy photos of development Corvettes give us the best view yet of the long-awaited mid-engine C8. Although the camouflage wrap is doing its best to deceive the eye, there’s no bulky padding anywhere to really throw us off. We can glean plenty of the production car’s design from these latest images, and we’ve even compared them to the rendering that we debuted in January 2018 based on our best information about the Corvette at the time. How did we do?

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Interesting that the car following the mid-engine Corvette in the first photo appears to have the Blue Oval on the front of it!


I have owned Corvettes since 1966 including the new C7 series…I don’t understand why a mid-engine Corvette is the bellwether of the future…it will be expensive and probably priced in the same arena as the Audi R8 and Honda NSX…it abandons the traditional big V8 front engine Corvette that has been perfected to compete at speed contests against foreign brands costing twice to three times as much…winning on “The Ring” does not precipitate sales success…example…Dodge Viper…basically a race car with a license plate…if the future dictates small turbo charged V6 engines pumping out 400+ horsepower then GM’s focus should be on perfecting a new lightweight front engine Corvette that enthusiasts can afford…and is ball to drive in all situations…I like the rumor that Cadillac will inherit the expensive mid-engine…they have had zero success in earlier efforts at marketing a sports car…