Our favorite models from Jeep’s 77-year history


Omix-ADA has been all about keeping Jeeps going for years, offering replacement parts for nearly every Jeep built. The company’s headquarters in Suwanee, Georgia, contains a collection of Jeep models that goes back to the brand’s infancy. From the original prototypes to the popular open-top CJs and luxurious Wagoneers, the collection has an example of nearly every significant Jeep model ever made.

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I have a 1963 Chevy Nova, 2dr Hardtop that I bought 32 years ago from it’s original owner. It had a little over 77k om odometer. All original, with exception to new clear coat to make her shine again. She’s a 6 cyl, 2 speed automatic. She’s not a whimp by any means can hit 80 on freeway in about 8 to 9 seconds. I have loved her, kept her clean and under 4 car covers. Her value today is 27,k and in perfect all original condition. All the cars mentioned to me… not classics cars. My Jenny ( call her that after elderly lady who bought her new. Her name was Virginia) Jenny is beautiful and now valued at 28k. Not bad for a $1500.00 car I insured through Haggerty the Monday after I drove her hom. She’s my baby. I also have a Yellow 73 Triumph Spitfire. Still working on her. Some my mechanic friend works on and some I do. My father taught me as a 9 yr. old little girl. Love my car and both are fun and turn heads when we go for a drive.

Jenny going into garage. That’s me behind the wheel. Our roda ( dead end) was getting repaved and had her out for a drive. I love my Chevy. Origina plates and frames from dealership.


Don’t forget about the Honcho Sport Side, here’s mine…


A small thing, but the Jeep (shown) used by the British in North Africa was usually operated by the Special Air Service (SAS), not the Long Range Desert Group. The LRDG generally used trucks (many Chevrolet models).


Had a 49 2A. Top speed 45 mph, but it would climb just about anything.


Hey bhatfield nice Jeep J10. I had a 1980 J10 Honcho Sportside that I bought new in late '79 and sold in '87. Of course the 258 inline 6 was replaced with a built 360 V8. What a great truck.

Currently I own a 1969 Jeepster Commando and I enjoy driving everyday from early April until the end of October, then it goes into storage for the “rainy” season here in Northern CA.