Paper for Gaskets?


I am rebuilding a BMW 700 engine and I have a laser cutter and can make gaskets from most anything. I can’t find suitable gasket material and I want to try using kraft paper, printer paper, manila etc.

Has anyone had experience with common materials for gaskets? Or does anyone know of a source of gasket paper around 0.010" thick?

Regards, Ray


That’s incredibly thin. I know Fel Pro makes sheets of gasket material but the thinnest I could find that they sell is .030. Still too thick?


@ray.brandes - That really quite thin and the imperfections in machining are probably more than 0.010" which means the gasket would not be able to seal correctly.

Also, what part of the engine would this gasket be for? Might make a difference.


Was thinking the same thing.
A quick check of Summit Racing shows various brands but thinnest I saw was 1/64. Depending on application there’s also gasket-making material from Permatex and others.


Permatex makes a product called “Right Stuff”. Comes out of a tube. Fantastic product…never had a leak after use.