Parts Availability for Celica and Supras


Always in need of misc. parts like heater cores, window switches etc. Everytime I m directed on the Internet to a site and enter, the part I am looking for is no longer available. Does anyone know of suppliers that actually have parts? I am looking for all the window switches for my 1987 Celica GT Convertible. None yet found. Anyone know of a source?


Any idea if they are specific to the 'vert? Or will any power window switches for that generation Celica work?


Try to find a parts book so you can search by part number. That makes it much easier to find stuff that isn’t usually stocked.

Also search salvage yards. Online listings like car-part.com are a good resource.

If you want to get nuts, there are ways to order parts from Japan. That’s what I usually have to do for my JDM Honda Beat.


I’ve thought about going to Japan or Alibaba to order 87 Celtic parts but some of the sites , I visited were not in English.

The 87 Celica seems to share parts with the same year Supra.


1987 master window switch is not the same as the 1988 and 1989 years which look the same. I’ve searched by Toyota parts number but usually come up empty handed. Not sure that buying parts from another used car with higher mileage than mine would result in success.

Thinking it might be better if I could find someone that can recondition electric window switches and other such items.