Patrick Dempsey’s Panoz-built 1965 Mustang Fastback is up for grabs

When actor and racer Patrick Dempsey decided to restomod a 1965 Mustang Fastback in 2008, his goal was to merge vintage style with a modern, daily-driveable performance car. To execute Dempsey's cost-is-no-object vision, he tapped Panoz Custom Sports Cars do the fabrication, using a 2004 SN95 Mustang Cobra SVT as the donor car. Now you can buy it from Blacksmith Garage in Eden, Utah.

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This is an interesting look at what happens when even the best restomod ages. It doesn’t have the appeal of an original and the performance is stuck in 2008. Patrick Dempsey seems like a pretty respectable car enthusiast, so maybe a ‘Can’t Buy Me Love,’ fan will pay a premium for it.

I have personally driven this car and it is an absolute riot. Handles famously and more than enough power to feel that you are driving something really special. “Performance is stuck in 2008” comment is absolutely laughable. Fantastic looks and outstanding performance! One of a kind car for sure!

Seems like a decent restomod, but with all that time, money, and talent, they could’ve done a better job at integrating the rear quarter flares. They look like an afterthought and stick out like a sore thumb with the rest of the body appearing close to stock. And again, with all that’s invested in this project, some better looking, or one-off wheels would make it look like this project was conceived as a whole. Hell, some Panasport Mini-Lites in a modern size would bring this thing together.

Probably needs to sell it to pay for the Corvette his driver crashed at LeMans.

As an owner of a 1965 fastback, I must say those flares are horrible. All that excellent work, and all I can see are those flares!

Ohh wow. That has not aged well at all. That is 100% stuck in 2008. It might actually be closer to 1978 with those rear fender flares. And then there’s the stock GT and V6 wheels from 2001-2004. Really? $300,000??? And the Tractor Supply sourced diamond plate that replaced the previous shock towers…ohh my! I hope he didn’t spend anywhere near as much as the article says he did on that. Think that might be a typo. EDIT: Those wheels were $300 a set, that’s an off the shelf Cobra brake kit that was $500 then. I bought one too. That drivetrain was darn desirable in 2008 so maybe $15,000 for it. The stock rear end that necessitated those flares was $500. How exactly do we arrive at an astonishing $300,000? Apparently the $300,000 didn’t even include the interior as the article states that was done later on.