Peace Vans Seattle is a shop worth the trip, even if the drive starts in Alabama

It isn’t often that someone plans a family road trip from Alabama to Seattle just to drop off their Volkswagen camper van for a makeover at a shop, but that’s an extraordinary testament to the extraordinary work being done at Peace Vans. Naturally, the place has an extraordinary backstory too.

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This could be worth a trip to the West Coast from Michigan. Here’s a math question for you: If you’re traveling in a 84 Westy that goes 60 mph and decelerates when going uphill, how long will it take to get to Peace Vans from N. Michigan?

With or without a tail wind?

I learned to drive in a VW when I was 12. I’ve owned about 80 including 3 Karman Ghias, several vans & lots of bugs & buggies. So glad to see a shop like yours. I lived on the coast for 30 years but now live in the frozen east of Canada where VW’s are rare. All I can say is “keep’em alive”!!

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I once “screamed” down a hill one time in a '60 bug at 80mph. It was fun at 16 years old but would be scary now…

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@ HappyCamper

I think I’d take the southern route, a little longer but less mountains.

Have a safe trip!

The old VW vans and Beetles were always very susceptible to wind shear. Driving one in heavy winds is good experience for pilots in training.

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Nice! I’ve only seen most of that country out of an airplane window. It’d be nice to see it from the road, instead.

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I have a 85 Vanagon that I am about to restore and I am in need of interior door panels. 10 years ago I could have gotten the correct ones on ebay. Now I can’t find them anywhere.

Road trips, short ones or long ones, are great!
Recently I’ve been to Tucson AZ, Lake Tahoe NV, a few trips to Denver CO, a couple through a blizzard, San Francisco a couple of times.

Get out there and go!

@HappyCamper - if you do it right, the trip (and the uphill climbs) should last a really, really long time, defying all known laws of physics.

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Have you tried gowesty.com for the door panels?