People are shelling out for rare Honda sport bikes still in their crates


Picture this: You want a Van Gogh painting and find a totally original one for three times the going price. The seller tells you it is beautiful. The best one around, even. The kicker is that it is wrapped in protective brown paper, you can’t see it, you won’t be able to display it, and if you take the paper off you expose it to the elements and lose the cache that you paid a premium for. Now what?

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I continue to be blown away that these 0-mile motorcycles that are still in the crate. I can see a few happening when a dealer inventory getting shuffled and maybe one bike gets forgotten about, but when a private buyer just picks a bike and tucks it away… Just odd.


I couldn’t help myself, I would have to put it together and ride it. I have a 2002 Blackbird I’ve done the same thing with. Had 370 miles when I got it and now it has 3000. I don’t regret putting miles on it one bit.


I see them in collections from time to time…it’s as sad as it is beautiful in my opinion. It ALWAYS leads to a discussion and the owners tend to look at these like a perpetual Christmas gift. There is a wonder and mystique as you approach one in a crate. if you set aside the “value preposition” of the conversation…there is room for thought on preservation, history, and “holy crap this is 30 years older than me and it’s perfect”. Bikes are created for enjoyment, and though i lean to the side of cracking throttles…i can appreciate an unopened present!


I say pull the wrapping paper off of that present so you can take her off a jump!


@Turd_Ferguson It’s only a bike! Just send it!