Peter Brock - Vintage Racing


Where does one begin when telling the story of Peter Brock? He is, after all, the man who helped Chevrolet design the Stingray Corvette when he was barely a legal adult and who soon thereafter became Carroll Shelby’s first hire. At Shelby American, Brock was responsible for developing the Cobra and, later, for designing the FIA Championship-winning Cobra Daytona Coupe.

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Great interview! What an interesting life, out of curiosity, what current car designs get his attention!


As you might have noticed in the interview, most modern car designs get Peter’s attention for their general ugliness and form-over-function design. I wish I’d gotten into the aesthetics of modern cars with him a bit more but (again, as you could tell), he had nothing but praise for the Corvette and its team.


This is a terrific piece. I always considered the Cobra Daytona Coupe one of the most beautiful sports cars ever! A 1/18" scale model is always within eye sight. I had full intentions of buying his replica when he started producing them nearly 20 years ago. I saw his early prototype at a Sebring race and started making contact with his sales department. I arranged for a test drive during a F1 race at Indy where the car was being shown. It was heart-breaking to realize I could never drive one after sitting in it. The engine / transmission tunnel limited the foot placement to a position that was impossible for me to work around after having had a couple surgeries on my right ankle.


Wow, all Mr Brock has seen and been a part of and yet he still seems like a humble man. I would sure love to hear more about his lightweight engine concepts. You have to wonder what today’s cars would be like if there were more people like Brock and Lutz in charge through the years.
Finally here’s someone speaking up about the ridiculous trend in tire and wheel size and—my pet peeve–he actually calls them wheels instead of rims. Why the auto journalist media has gone along with this popular mistake of calling wheels rims is beyond me.


I met Pete last year at the Lime Rock historic festival. A true gentleman. He is an automotive icon. Wonderful article and insight into the man!


A little over a year ago, my wife and I had the pleasure of hosting Peter at a concours event for four days, and it was an unforgettable experience for a number of reasons.
What truly stood out was, as the previous respondent said, what a true gentlemen he is. In fact, I like to say when you look “gentleman” up in Webster’s, there’s a picture of Peter!
We had some down time, so I took him to our World War I museum and we spent many hours there, proving what a student he is, even now, and in spite of all his worldly knowledge, he was blown away by the exhibits of the suffering. This spoke volumes to me about the true character of this amazing man! Oh, by the way, his car “stuff” is pretty impressive, too! :slight_smile: A truly amazing guy!!